Graduate School of the Arts (GSA)

Admission procedure

Decisions regarding the admission of students to the Graduate School of the Arts are based on a specific, multi-stage admission procedure.

Grading of the application documents and admission interview

Grading of the application documents

An evenly representative preselection jury decides which candidates should be invited for an admission interview based on the application documents.

The preselection jury consists of at least two representatives from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Bern and the Bern University of the Arts.

Admission interview

Candidates invited for an admission interview give a 10 minute presentation on their project and then face 10 minutes of questions from the jury. The jury consists of at least two members of the steering committee of the Graduate School of the Arts. The steering committee may enlist the services of external experts (without a vote) as required. If the proposed supervisors wish so, they may also take part in the admission interview without a vote.

Grading of the admission interview

The jury members decide which grade to award the admission interview by simple majority. The grading options are as follows:

  • accepted
  • accepted subject to admission requirements/conditions
  • rejected

If the grade awarded by the jury for the admission interview is "accepted" or "accepted subject to admission requirements/conditions", the candidates may start their studies in the following semester.


The admission interview may not be postponed, even if a doctor's note is provided. There is an option to reapply for the next regular interview session.

A failed admission interview may be repeated.

Subsequent administrative process if positive decision reached after admission interview

  • The Collegium Decanale reviews the admission documents and the jury's decision.
  • The “Confirmation of admission requirements” part is completed on the basis of the Collegium Decanale's decision.
  • The Collegium Decanale decides whether additional requirements of max. 30 ECTS must be met due to a change of subject.
  • As soon as the formal approval decision is made, the Faculty passes it on to the Admissions Office, together with the folder for registration.
  • Invoicing and collection of tuition and semester fees; access data for the Campus Account (username and initial password) and other information will be sent.
  • After the fees have been paid, you will receive the UNICARD, if you have never studied an the University of Bern beforethat. You will receive a certificate of registration which will be valid for one semester as well (Fall semester: 1.8.-31.1.; Spring semester 1.2.-31.7.).
  • At the latest 3 months after the decision of the Collegium Decanale, the Doctoral agreement is due, signed by both supervisors and the doctoral student.