Graduate School of the Arts (GSA)

Fees and rights

PhD and registration fee

The fee for doctoral students amounts to CHF 200 per semester, plus CHF 100 registration fee. Exempt from the registration fee are doctoral students which start their doctorate without interruption immediately after finishing their studies in Bern. Doctoral students who are at the same time enrolled as regular students at the University of Bern and have paid the full tuition, are exempt of the doctoral fee during this semester. Registration forms have however to be completely submitted.

Additional claim of unpaid doctoral fees

If the competent faculty discovers registration gaps, the Department ZIB will invoice this unpaid doctoral fees subsequently.

The amount of the claim for reimbursement depends on the number of semesters in which the doctoral student should have been enrolled.


The registration as a doctoral student gives the right to use the infrastructure of the University of Bern and the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) to the same extent as it is also open to other students. Courses and performance assessments may be completed as part of the doctoral program.

However, doctoral students are not members of the Student Union of the University of Bern (SUB) and do not therefore – unless the SUB's rules or provisions state otherwise – have any right to join or play a role in the SUB or enjoy free use of its services or infrastructure.


Please consult the Grants Office