Graduate School of the Arts (GSA)

Registration and deadlines

You can register for a doctorate throughout the year (see: Application deadlines). Admission interviews are held on two meetings each year:

Deadlines 2019:

Application deadline for the beginning of the Fall semester 2019: June 30, 2019.


Please send your registration documents in a PDF file or zipped folder via e-mail to the coordinator at the GSA.

  • Register online for the doctorate with the Admissions Office here and print off the confirmation e-mail. (Select the "HUMANITIES doctorate” degree program and write "Graduate School of the Arts".)
  • Complete the relevant confirmation of supervision, which you can access via the following link (the "Doctorate requirements” section and possibly the "Admission requirements” section are to be left blank.)
  • Letter of recommendation from the proposed first and second supervisors.
  • For graduates from a Swiss music and art school/academy: master's degree with evidence of the final grade (5.0 – "good" or higher).
  • Copy of the university degree entitling the person to study for the doctorate (master's, licentiate, other university exams passed, etc.). If you have not yet completed the specialist Master in Research on the Arts at the time of registration, please make a note on the confirmation of supervision form to the effect that the master's degree will be submitted at a later time.
  • Copy of certificates relating to previous educational achievements (Swiss school leaving certificate [Matura], leaving certificate from a Swiss vocational education school [Berufsmatura] including the "Passerelle" [university aptitude test], university diploma, primary school teacher's diploma, etc.). This does not apply to former students of the University of Bern (incl. the specialized Master in Research on the Arts).
  • Copy of a valid identity card (front and back) or a valid passport. This does not apply to former students of the University of Bern (incl. the specialized Master in Research on the Arts).
  • Copy of the translation, provided that the certificates are not issued in German, French, Italian or English.
  • CV (in tabular form)
  • A full textual CV (max. one page) including information on publications, repertoire (directory), works, exhibition catalogs etc.
  • Motivation letter (max. one page)
  • German and English abstract of the doctoral thesis project with max. 1,000 characters
  • Outline (plan) of a research project (max. 10,000 characters excl. bibliography) in German, French, Italian or English.
  • The outline includes:
    • research status
    • if possible status of the own research
    • research subject and research question
    • methodology
    • research plan
    • Information on how everything links in with the research fields and clusters associated with Bern University of the Arts HKB or the University of Bern
    • bibliography